About NordCard

A company that opens up new opportunities

NordCard strives for a world in which every person has a chance to implement all intentions
Our aim is to grant this chance by creating a stable and reliable financial product that provides excellent customer service
Belief in the set aims has strengthened our determination to become the leading non-bank company in Latvia. Tirelessly perfecting our performance, we encourage the development of both our clients and NordCard

Our main values

Client - With care and respect
We equally respect all our clients and are proud that they have chosen NordCard
Development - Our future is in development
We invest resources in ideas that perfect our product, job, and ourselves
Excellence - Every detail is important
To provide impeccable product, we tirelessly work on every detail
Team - We like, what we do
A joint aim and joint interests make NordCard a joint team
Transparency - Without hidden rules
We honestly lay out all the rules governing our collaboration and always inform about changes
Security - Collaboration relies on trust
We exclude all the risks that may arise to the safety of our clients and business

Taking steps towards achievements

We are proud of having created a product with excellent customer service that has managed to attain our clients’ appreciation and open up new opportunities for them to implement their wishes!
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