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NordCard Creditlimit is a money loan that is offered by NordCard. Creditlimit is something similar to a tank of money from which you can continuously borrow any amount up to a certain limit that is approved by NordCard and varies from borrower to borrower. Once you get approved for Creditlimit, you have the option of asking for necessary amounts to be transferred to your bank account whenever you need to for an unlimited period of time. You may require all the allocated money in one lump sum, use only a part of it, borrow gradually requiring bigger and smaller amounts in a longer period of time, or use allocated amount when necessary. Repaying of Creditlimit starts with the month following your first usage of credit. Interest is charged only on the amount that was transferred to your bank account, not one the entire allocated amount. If you don’t use Creditlimit, you don’t have to pay anything. When you repay at least a small part of the used amount, this small part will be anew available for you to borrow.


If you want to learn more about NordCard Creditlimit, we offer you to have a look at our blog posts. 

If you are applying for NordCard Creditlimit for the first time, you can borrow any amount varying between 100.00 and 1500.00 EUR. 
After the first three months of being our client, you can increase your Creditlimit amount to 3000.00 EUR.


NordCard guarantees an individual approach to each client, and thus we may offer you bigger or smaller sums than was required in your application.

By choosing NordCard Creditlimit, clients get an array of different advantages:

  • interest-free period - repaying the used amount of NordCard Creditlimit in full until the last day of the same month instates NordCard interest-free period. Keep up to this repaying tradition and extend NordCard interest-free period into eternity;
  • cash reserves - once you apply for NordCard Creditlimit, you will always pay only for what you have borrowed. If you do not use the total amount of the allocated money, we expect you to repay only the sum you have used. What will happen with the unused but allocated part of your Creditlimit? It is always available in your account. Therefore, you can always rely on cash reserves being at your disposal; 
  • flexible repayment options – NordCard clients independently decide upon the sums and frequency with which they will repay the amount they borrowed. Remember that the amount of money you choose to return in a month’s time cannot be smaller than the monthly minimum payment. Overall, you have 50 months to repay the borrowed Creditlimit.  
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