Credit limit up to 3000 EUR

Apply once and use it when and as much as you need. By repaying the spent amount you can immediately spend it again!

  • 30 day interest free period
  • 0 EUR monthly fee
  • Pay nothing, while not using

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Advantages of NordCard™

3 cards for all kinds of situations

Apply for a card with a credit limit from 1000 - 5000 euros, which includes travel insurance and purchase protection, or a card with 100 - 3000 euro credit limit, or a payment card with a possibility to activate credit limit one day in future.

30-day interest-free period

Return the borrowed money within 30 days to your account and you won’t have to pay interest for it. Interest-free period is available unlimited number of times – with NordCard freedom is everywhere!

Insurance all around the world

Choose “CreditLimit+” card and get travel insurance and purchase protection that is active all over the world – no additional charges. No more buying insurance separately every time you go on a trip!

Confidentiality and security comes first

NordCard is not linked to your bank account. It is a separate account for you, where you can transfer money, receive your income, apply for credit limit, use it to pay for purchases online, in shops, in cafes and elsewhere.

MasterCard is a reliable payment brand with the widest availability network in the world

NordCard is accepted everywhere, where they accept MasterCard. It means more than 32 million places all over the world, as well as online and in PayPal.

Online Banking

Your NordCard package includes an online banking system that is tailored for using your card and managing your finances both via your smartphone and your computer. Yes, that simple!

How others use the advantages of NordCard™?

I like to go on small trips abroad. NordCard's credit line and travel insurance was perfect for me! I could go an extra time abroad thanks to the credit line as I had not saved up enough money but there was great travel deal available. I enjoyed the feeling of freedom while traveling, when there was no need to think "how much money do I still have". Also I enjoyed the travel insurance - now I always travel insured because I don't have to buy it like in the past. In short a NordCard is ideal for traveling!


Teacher from Riga
Small business
I did not know how much money I will need to launch my business, but I knew that I don't want to take out a loan. With NordCard I felt confident that I can take as much as I need, when I need it. The purchase insurance was useful when it came to buy office appliances and furniture. But the travel insurance saved me money when traveling on business trips. I always went with a sense of security that I am insured on each step. Feeling like a proper "businessman" now.


Entrepreneur from Riga
I follow special discounts in my favourite online stores every day. With my NordCard I dont have the problem of seeing a really good deal but not having enough money until payday to buy it. I can access my credit line immediately and use exactly as much as I need. Also I don't worry about possible damages to my purchases when shipped as now I have purchase insurance. Now I make online purchases only with NordCard.


Project manager from Cesis

NordCard™ is accepted in more than
32’000’000 places all over the world!