Responsible borrowing

NordCard offers services based on best  practices of banks and other credit institutions, so that you could feel safe with us. It is important for us to provide you with additional funds, as well as with confidence in your own ability to repay the credit, because we have thoroughly evaluated your ability to repay the loan.


Rules for responsible financial planning:

  • You will be able to accurately and responsibly plan your budget. With our Online Banking system, you can always learn how much you spend and how much you have to repay to avoid a penalty payment;
  • You no longer have to worry about large payments "arriving" at the end of each month, as we offer you to repay only fixed monthly minimal payment (you do not have to repay all used creditline in one lump sum immediately after borrowing it), but if you want to reduce your monthly interest payments, you can at any time replenish your account with a payment that is greater than the fixed monthly payment.

If you need any support in the event of late payment, call us on 62 004 400, and we will help you to find the best solution and answer to all your questions.

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