With the NordCard Payment Card, Creditline Is Always by Your Side!

The long-awaited event is finally here – NordCard launches a new multifunctional NordCard payment card! Now creditline is available with a separate NordCard payment card, allowing you to make purchases immediately, without having to request creditline transfers to a bank account. Fast, easy, comfortable, and attainable – the reality of every person who owns NordCard payment card. To get acquainted with all the benefits of the NordCard payment card, continue reading below.


NordCard Payment Card – Don’t Waste Time on Creditline Transfers!

Why is it more convenient to use the NordCard payment card than transfer creditline to a bank account? It is very simple – if you obtain the NordCard payment card, all the allocated creditline amount will be immediately available with your new card. In other words, you will not have to request NordCard to transfer creditline to your bank account and wait until money transfers are completed. If you want to pay for a purchase with creditline, use your NordCard payment card at any time of the day and the deal is done! No more creditline transfers! No more limitations of your time! As already mentioned – fast, easy, comfortable, and attainable.


Open Up Even More Opportunities with the NordCard Payment Card

Apply for the NordCard payment card and increase the number of your opportunities up to 32 million! You heard it correctly! You can use your NordCard payment card everywhere in the world where MasterCard payment cards are being accepted: in shops, from ATMs, on the internet, i.e., in about 32 million places around the world. No matter where you are, the formula of the NordCard payment card remains the same: the card used – the payment made! Fast and easy! Of course, if you want to request NordCard to transfer creditline to your bank account, do so and use creditline as hitherto. NordCard never places constraints, it always broadens the horizons of your opportunities!


NordCard Payment Card – Comfortably, securely, easily!

To ensure that making online purchases with NordCard payment card is a completely secure process, NordCard guarantess linking clients' card to '3D Secure System'.  Also known as the  ‘Secure Online Payments’ function, this system provides reinforced card protection and card owner’s identity verification when making online purchases.This function is automatically enabled for every card. Don’t worry – your card and online purchases are secure! You can also block and unblock your card, check its statuses, and follow all the transactions made with your card in your Online Banking system profile, where all your card payments and reservations will be reflected.

In the near future, we will provide you with an excellent opportunity to receive SMS notifications each time a new payment will be made with your NordCard payment card. Thus, you will be able to follow your card transactions not only in the Online Banking system but also live and get additional confidence about who and when uses your NordCard payment card.


Get the NordCard Payment Card Free of Charge by Post

It is very easy to apply for the NordCard payment card! Fill in the NordCard creditline application form and select the ‘Creditline + Payment Card’ product type. If you’re already a NordCard client but want to better your creditline usage experience, order the NordCard payment card in the Online Banking system, in ‘My Card’ section, by pushing the Order Card button. Your new card will be delivered to you by post free of charge within a few days! However, before applying for a card, please get acquainted with the tariffs and usage limits of the NordCard payment card.

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