NordCard Online Banking System

Clients, their wishes, opportunities, and comfort, have always been at the heart of every decision NordCard has made. Thus, NordCard Online Banking system was created! The analog of widely known internet banking, NordCard Online Banking system allows our clients to independently manage and control their NordCard creditline account online. Access Online Banking at any time and anywhere - whenever you please - and take the reins of creditline in your own hands, don’t leave them to others! Welcome to the world of NordCard Online Banking!


What Opportunities Does Online Banking offer?

NordCard Online Banking is a multifunctional system that provides our clients with a wide variety of different opportunities for managing creditline. The range of opportunities provided by Online Banking includes:


Creditline Transfers

Do you need to transfer additional creditline amounts to your bank account? Access your Online Banking user profile and require a transfer of the necessary amount. To do that, you have to head to the Online Banking page 'Payments' > 'New Payment', state your bank account number, the necessary amount and confirm your transfer request with an SMS code, which will be sent to your mobile phone number right after pushing the 'Confirm' button.


Not sure whether your transfer request was successful? Head to the 'Payment History' page and check the status of the recently made transfer request. If its status is 'Received', NordCard indeed has received your transfer request, and very soon the required money amount will be transferred to your bank account. Once a transfer is made, the status of this request will be changed to 'Done'. If your request is 'Denied', don’t hesitate to contact our client support specialists - they will undoubtedly help you!


To sum it up, with the help of Online Banking, you can request new creditline amount transfers and follow your request processing and implementation process with ease and comfort. Of course, if you choose to apply for NordCard payment card, you won’t have to request creditline transfers to your bank account at all, because with the card all allocated creditline amount is immediately available to you. How can I apply for a NordCard payment card?


NordCard Payment Card

If you want to apply for a NordCard payment card, head to the Online Banking system! Of course, if you only plan to become a NordCard client, Online Banking won’t be accessible to you just yet, and thus you will be able to apply for a card only when filling in a creditline application form and selecting the 'NordCard creditline + Card' product type. Whereas existing clients, who want to render the usage of creditline as convenient as possible, have to head to the Online Banking system and push the 'Apply for a Card' button on the 'My Card' page, as well as state their card delivery address.


Once your card is delivered, regardless of your NordCard client status - new or existing client - you have to access Online Banking to activate your new card and finally start its usage. In the Online Baking system, all your card information will be displayed - card number, date of expiry, status. Here you will also be able to block your card, as well as apply for a new one.


Account Balance

For a better ability to manage and plan their finances, clients can always check their NordCard creditline account balance in the Online Banking system. In other words, instead of counting and going through other complicated procedures, we offer our clients to access their Online Banking user-profiles and find out the initially allocated amount of creditline, learn how much they have already spent and how much remains. Online Banking also displays information about upcoming payments – their sum and term, what most definitely will help you to follow your creditline expenses and payments.


However, remember that repaying NordCard creditline via Online Banking is impossible! To repay creditline, you have to use your bank account internet banking. When making payments, please make sure that you use correct NordCard payment details. If you are not sure, you can check them out in the Online Banking system.


Transactions and Reservations

If you want to see details of the payments made with NordCard creditline, head to Online Banking. On the 'Transaction History' page, you will be able to view summary information about your transactions (both completed and reserved) and search for transactions by date or their amount. In Online Banking, you can also download your transaction history into an electronic PFD format.


Editing Your Profile Data + Communication in Three Languages

To cooperate with NordCard, you have to provide us with your data and contact information. Therefore, if you decide to change any of the previously provided data or contact information, you have to inform NordCard about these changes. The fastest and most effective way for doing so is accessing Online Banking, where, on the 'My Profile' page, you can easily edit information about yourself.


On the same page, you can choose your preferred language of communication with NordCard – we offer communication in Latvian, Russian, or English – as well as confirm or decline additional NordCard creditline services, such as SMS notifications for monthly payments, a creditline increase, etc. Online Banking offers a plethora of opportunities! Hurry to try them out!


Customer Support

Finally – if you have or will have some questions about Online Banking, NordCard creditline, NordCard payment card or any other NordCard service, please don’t hesitate to seek assistance from our client support specialists. One of the fastest and most comfortable ways to reach our consultants is Online Banking! On the 'Messages' page, you can converse with our specialists about NordCard services - ask questions and immediately get answers. All your correspondence will be available on the 'Message History' page.


How to Become a User of Online Banking?

Once you become a client of NordCard, you will get access to the Online Banking system. The system can be accessed via NordCard website. For more convenient usage, we also offer a mobile version of Online Banking. All you have to do is enter your Online Banking user number and password and you can start managing your NordCard creditline with ease and comfort!

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