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50 mths
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1 500
3 000
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Choose NordCard creditline and:
Get a credit line with an interest-free period
Pay only for what you have used
Enjoy flexible repayment options
Using a 500€ loan and repaying it until the last date of the same month instates the interest-free period, the APR is 1.45%, the annual interest rate is 0%, and the total cost of the credit is 15.01€. If the interest-free period is not used, the APR is 35.6%, the annual interest rate is 28.8%, and the total cost of the credit is 321.01€. This example is based on the assumption that credit is repaid according to the loan agreement and the daily interest rate is 0.08%.

How to apply for a loan quickly and easily?

With NordCard, you can apply for a loan within a few minutes by filling in our application form from your computer or smartphone

Fill in our application form
To obtain a loan, fill in our application form, accurately indicating the necessary information, and click the Apply button. It is quick and easy
Confirm registration
Transfer 0.01 EUR from your bank account to the NordCard bank account
Get a loan
Quick and operative processing of applications ensures as quick and operative transaction of money to a client’s bank account after his/her loan has been confirmed
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A person who wants to apply for NordCard creditline must:
  • Be in the 18-75-year-old age group;
  • With the national minimum wage;
  • Have a declared address in the Republic of Latvia;
  • Have an account in one of the banks of Latvia.
Encryption and protection of data are ensured by the SSL Certificate with the 256-bit encryption algorithm

NordCard creditline Is Always by Your Side

Now besides NordCard creditline use NordCard payment card!
Apply for a card and reach new heights with NordCard:
  • Keep track of your card transactions in Online Banking system
  • Receive your card free of charge by post
  • Withdraw money from ATMs and pay around the world
  • Shop online safely

How can you use a credit line?

As a short-term loan
As a short-term loan

NordCard creditline is suited for people who want to borrow in the short term. It is advantageous, fast, and won’t charge you a loan extension fee

  • Apply just once, but use when you want
  • Take advantage of our interest-free period
  • Return in the long term and forget about paying extension fees
As money reserves
As money reserves

You may use a credit line like money reserves that are always available in a client’s credit line account to cover both unexpected and desired spending

  • Get immediately, but use when you want
  • Start to repay, only when you start to use
  • Do not worry – account opening and maintenance is free of charge
As a long-term loan
As a long-term loan

If you use a credit line, you will always have the option of repaying your loan over a longer period of time, and thus benefit from flexible repayment options

  • Pay a loan within 50 months
  • Divide repayment in smaller parts
  • Remember – after each payment interest gets smaller

Persistent work is the key to the success of NordCard

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Free of charge assessment of applications, customer service, maintenance of accounts, alert and notification messages
Unlimited and free of charge access to Online Banking system – NordCard account statement, transaction history, and money transfers; Online Banking also accessible on your smartphone

To take care of clients, NordCard collaborates with:

Protection of the rights and interests of clients is the priority for NordCard
The personal data of our clients is protected at the highest level
NordCard meticulously evaluates each client’s financial position to help borrow responsibly
NordCard ensures fast and operative formalizing of a loan agreement
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