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Online Banking is the web-based platform specially made for NordCard clients. You can access it from both your computer and phone. Online Banking allows you to:

  1. communicate with NordCard and ask questions about your NordCard creditline;
  2. check, correct, and change your contact information;
  3. ask for the approved credit to be transferred to your bank account;
  4. add additional bank accounts for credit transfers; 
  5. review your outgoing and incoming payment history; 
  6. receive precise and detailed information about prepared monthly payments;
  7. check information about your existing liabilities and available creditline amount.

To reset your Online Banking user account password:

  1. open Online Banking user account reset password link;
  2. enter your registered e-mail address and username in the necessary fields and click the Reset button;
  3. a letter with password reset link will be sent to your indicated (registered) e-mail address;
  4. open this link and create a new password according to the instruction.

Bear in mind that your new password has to contain:

  • 8 characters;
  • at least 1 capital and 1 small letter;
  • at least 1 number or symbol;
  • also, your password may not be identical to your name or surname as well as to your last three Online Banking user account passwords.

To obtain necessary information, contact us by phone 62004400 or by e-mail 

To renew the access to your Online Banking system user account, contact us by phone 62004400 or by e-mail

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